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Buying a house is likely to be one of the largest investments you will ever make. It is one of the monumental stepping stones in life that many prepare for decades to achieve. Because of this, it is important that buying your first house is a smooth and easy process that leaves you feeling excited, rather than overwhelmed.

Often first time home buyers can find themselves feeling far in over their heads from the moment they make contact with their real estate agent. That is why we work closely with our buyers in order to make sure that they understand each and every step of the process. We recognize that every team of real estate agents will say that they work closely with their clients, but we are confident that once you contact us, you are going see that we truly mean business when we say it.

– How Does The Process Work?

The process begins as soon as you reach out to us. Hiring a realtor is the first step to buying a home always. As soon as you reach out to us, we can begin working with you to help you figure out all of the necessary criteria for moving forward. Criteria such as:

  • –  Your budget.

  • –  Your timeline.

  • –  Your desired location.

  • –  Your desired house specifics.

  • –  Your personal preferences.

  • –  Your personal schedule for better communication.

    Understanding the parameters you wish to buy within will help us to understand how to

best proceed. Once we have the guidelines in place, we can then move forward with the process. Finding a lender to get your pre qualification forms is the next major step. This will help to establish the amount that the lender is willing to give to you in order to help you purchase the house of your dreams. We have close relationships with some of the best lending institutions in Victoria, and help you find the ideal loan for your situation and needs moving forward.

Once you have your pre qualification, we can then begin finding your dream home. With access to thousands of listings in the Mornington Peninsula, we are confident that we can help you find the right home for you, and get you into it in no time. The process is faster, and less scary than you would ever believe!

– What Sets Us Apart?

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Other real estate companies place an emphasis on quick turnover, with little care for the comfort or emotional wellbeing of their clients. That is not to speak badly of our competitors, it is simply a fact. In an industry where commissions are king, it can be easy to focus on selling houses quickly rather than personally.

This mentality can lead to seeing clients as dollar signs, rather than clients. We at Mornington Real Estate understand that people buy houses, not numbers and checks. We pride ourselves on being the best reviewed and most experienced team of realtors in the Mornington Peninsula. This is because we are committed to working on a personal level with our clients, no matter how long it takes. We don’t rush, we don’t pressure, and we ensure that you will find the home of your dreams.

  • –  F.A.Qs.

    Here are some frequently asked questions from our buyers about buying property.

  • –  How Am I Supposed To Buy A House?

    The proper way to buy a house will largely depend on your own personal circumstances. Each process is different, and no two house buying situations are ever the same. Just like your needs, the process of achieving this is unique to you. The best way to go about buying a house properly is to contact an experienced and reputable real estate agency to guide you along.

– How To Buy A House?

The first step in buying a house is to contact a real estate agent who can help you get in touch with a lender, and access to a variety of listings for you to examine and consider. However, if you plan on buying your house privately, you will want to speak to a lender first and foremost. Once you have been preapproved for your mortgage loan, you can then go about searching FSBO (for sale by owner) listings. As soon as you have the house, make an offer, and proceed!

– How To Buy A House Without A Mortgage Loan?

Unless you are paying cash upfront, buying a house without a mortgage loan can be very risky. Other options, such as rent to own or private loans can come with hefty interest rates, dangerous late fees, and far less buyer’s protection overall. It is not advised to buy a home without a mortgage loan unless you are buying the house outright upfront.

– How Much Should You Offer On A House?

The delicate process of making an offer on a house can require a lot of tact and skill. Making the right type of offer on the house can often go belly up if the offer isn’t enticing enough


from the start. Having a professional ‘haggler’ on your side who knows how to negotiate prices fairly and efficiently is essential to helping you make the right offer. In general, there is no ‘rule’ to how much of market price you should offer. It will largely depend on the seller, the region, and the list price itself.

– How Long Does It Take To Buy A house?

The process of buying a house depends on a lot of factors. On average, qualified buyers typically wait a few days to become pre approved for their mortgage loan, and up to 3-2 months for the shopping-closing process.

– How To Buy A Private Private Sale?

Buying a house straight from the seller, or FSBO, is a relatively common way to buy a home in Australia. It can be a bit more risky, but is still doable if you have the know-how and time to go through the process. There are plenty of online resources to view and go through online listings by owner that can help you along the process. In general, FSBO buying can be as simple as getting a loan and making an offer. However, unless you have an agent on your side, it can lead to plenty of misunderstandings along the way. It’s best to be careful.

– How Much Do I Need To Buy A House?

The median price of a home in the Mornington Peninsula is $800,000. Of course this can fluctuate depending on the neighborhood, time of year, and condition of the property.

– How To Negotiate A House Price Down?

The act of negotiation is more of an art than a science. It takes a careful understanding of the market value of the house, the region, and the current housing market as a whole. In general, most sellers will try to ask top dollar for their home, with a bottom line they are willing to accept. It is our job as your agent to find that bottom line for you.

– What To Watch Out For When Buying A House?

Being diligent is crucial to getting the best value for your money. Unfortunately, many sellers on the market can try to cover up certain damages or downsides to their homes in order to get the most value out of it. While no house is perfect–nothing ever is–it is our job as real estate experts to understand how to identify the pitfalls and shortcomings of a house before we show it to you. We look for minor damages, area concerns, future concerns, wear and tear, previous ownership, and more.

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