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    Should I Sell

    Why Sell?

    The reasons which have led so many to sell their homes are multiple and varied. Some might be expecting new additions to their family, others just want a change of scenery. Whether you have lived in your home for twenty years or just two, there is always a reason to sell. No matter how quickly you have outgrown your house or gotten used to its every hidden corner, selling your property can be a great opportunity for change, whether imposed or wished for. 

    This is precisely what can make the decision of selling your home such a difficult one. Some have an entire list of reasons; others just have one. Although there is no set quota, here are a few to consider which have already convinced thousands of homeowners to sell theirs every year.

    Is it Worth Selling?

    The fresh sea breeze which closely follows one all around the Mornington Peninsula is enthusiastically sought out by couples, families and elderlies alike. It is also no surprise that this stretch of land at the southern tip of Australia is a popular refuge for workers taken up by Melbourne’s busy city life five days a week. Many find themselves enthralled by the peninsula’s promise of peace at just an hour drive from the bustling streets and brightly lit shops.

    The northern region of the Mornington Peninsula has seen a projected growth in median price above the national average by growing out its reputation as a summer holiday hotspot, into an attractive place of residence all year-round.

    With growth comes demand and a variety of potential buyers for your property. The question which remains for many is when to sell and when to wait. Market forces will be forever varying, but fortunately the stability of the Australian market will help align buyers with your expectations and timings.

    When to Sell or Rent?

    The Mornington Peninsula is still dominated by homeowners, but younger couples have increasingly been moving into rented houses and apartments. If you have made the decision to move, this question will boil down to your financial disposition. Ask yourself whether you are able to purchase a new property without selling your old one and subsequently if any income from your rent will be enough.

    Nevertheless, renting may also entail additional renovations and continuous maintenance of the property, at the cost of both your time and money. Similarly, selling your home now will avoid renovation costs from building up any further. You will avoid unnecessary losses and profit from your property’s surviving assets.

    Can You Afford to Sell?

    Perhaps you have found your dream home, or you just wish for a change. Either way, your decision to sell your property is always dependent on your ability to finance the next residence you are hoping to take up.

    Luckily, the Australian housing market is able to boast of its selling efficiency to many countries in the world. You will not have to fall down a chain of paperwork to sell your home, all you will really require is a knowledgeable real estate office to handle your property and polish it up for selling. Ultimately, that same office can help you find all the necessary information to determine your property’s selling potential and find it a successor it deserves for a price that you deserve.


    With no experience and a complex, emotional deal on your hands, it’s easy for newbie house sellers to make lots of mistakes, but with a little know-how, you can avoid a lot of these pitfalls completely. Continue reading to find out how you can get the highest possible cost for your house within a sensible timeframe– without losing your mind.

    By looking at the transaction from a purely monetary point of view, you’ll distance yourself from the emotional aspects of offering the property that you have actually unquestionably produced numerous memories in. Likewise, attempt to bear in mind how you felt when you were buying that house. Most buyers will likewise be in an emotion.

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    Should I Sell my house and rent?

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    See 8 Tips for renting a home on the Mornington Peninsula



    Best Way To Sell A House!

    How do I Sell My House? well you can simply call us and our team will take care of it for you. 

    We have guide avalible on how to prepare your house for sale in the local peninsula environment. It has images and goes into detail on how you can increase value in your home prior sale. 

    Check it out here – Link to be added.


    Wait! How fast can you guys actually sell my house? 

    Currently due to our extreem contact list and outstanding marketing campaigns we can sell your home for top dollar in no time at all. The Peninsula market is going crazy and banks are lending again (at time of writing in 2020)

    We ge calls All day long from people asking the quick question – Can you Sell My House Fast?

    The answer is always – Yes. Our agents will go above and beyond to get your home SOLD for top dollar in record time. We.. work.. hard.

    Our team love a good QuickSell and apart from the regular client lists we also have 👉 Companies That Buy Houses !! Giving you the ultimate agent selling your property.

    Our Team Service Many Mornington Peninsula Locations!

    • Baxter

    • Frankston

    • Hastings

    • Langwarrin

    • Martha’s Cove

    • Mornington

    • Moorooduc

    • Mount Martha

    • Mount Eliza

    • Safety Beach

    • Seaford

    • Somerville

    • Tuerong

    • Tyabb


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    Timing on selling your house is never right. As history shows predictions are always in-correct and people tend to wait too long before selling and find that a buyers market is not a fun place to be at all.

    On the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston areas we have found steady growth so we believe the perfect time to Buy and Sell is always “right now”. Prices are getting higher and higher so even if you wait to get a higher price you will find the house you are going to purchase after the sale of your property has also gone up making it “Same Same”. 

    Your better off just selling now and getting into your next home as soon as possible.

    Why not give our friendly agents a call now for a no obligation chat? We don’t bite!

    Want a Free House Appraisal?

    Remember the similar market analysis you or your agent did when you purchased your home to identify a fair offering price? Buyers will do this for your home, too, so as a seller, you should be one step ahead of them. Missing a Any clever purchaser will work out, and if you want to finish the sale, you may have to play ball. 

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