8 Tips For Renting A HomeOn The Mornington Peninsula

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    There are some things to consider when renting on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. 

    This article includes tips for you as well as the landlord as it’s important for the both of you to be on the same page. 

    First and foremost: Always read the lease carefully. If there are things you don’t understand, ask for clarification.

    What are some things you both should know? Here are eight items to keep in mind.

    • Bad Credit Is Not So Bad


    Bad credit can make renting more difficult, but not impossible. A letter of recommendation from a former landlord, for example, will go a long way to mitigate the problems of no credit or bad credit. Having a larger deposit can also help.

      1. Decidebetweenhavingarentalpropertymanagerorarenting direct from a landlord
        Companies have a greater array of personnel to assist you, but an individual will often be more flexible and have a better understanding of the neighborhood.
      1. Use online resources
        Check out social media to find a place and to investigate the neighborhood. Also, many places will have a purchase history of the house you’re renting and the relative prices around it. Find out local news and histories to gain a better understanding of the area.
      1. Makesafeupgrades
        You can’t tear out walls, and maybe you’re even restricted from painting, but you can upgrade some things here and there, doing a little customizing with curtains, trim and non‐destructive enhancements. If you want to do something more serious, talk to the landlord. Chances are they might not mind your installing shelving or painting a room so long as you restore the property when it comes time to leave.
      1. Knowyourrightsasarenter
        Most states have a handbook of tenant’s rights. Both the tenant andlandlord should be familiar with it.
      1. Approachrentinglikeyouwerebuying
        Ask about the average price of utilities, the history of the home, and the condition of included appliances. The place you rent may be the place you live in for years. Know everything you can about the property before signing the lease.
      1. Learnspace‐savingtricks
        The smaller the rental, the less the rent. Find ways to conserve space, and you’ll conserve money. There are some great suggestions online for finding more storage in very tiny spaces.
      1. TimingKnow when to rent. Typically, the middle of winter is a slow time for rentals, so if there’s a vacancy, a landlord might be more willing to work a deal of sorts.

    Renting doesn’t have to be daunting. Making your landlord your ally right from the start will go a long way toward building a great relationship for the duration of your rental agreement.

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